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Earth’s Core: “Too Cool” To Be Solid Or Liquid

PUNS: And then she says to me, “superionic?! I thought you said ,’super..ironic!’ ” (*insert Seinfeld sitcom laugh track*).

FACTS: There’s no way for us to travel to the earth’s core and study it first-hand. In Jon Amiel’s 2003 movie ,The Core, not even DJ Qualls with Star Trek movies and hot pockets could get us there. However, physicists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, recently have discovered that the Earth’s inner core is not a solid nor a liquid but is actually “superionic”.

QUOTES:   Lead Author of the Study, Yu He, physicist at the Chinese Academy of Science ,”It’s quite abnormal. The Solidification of iron at the inner core boundary does not change the mobility of these light elements, and the convection of light elements is continuous in the inner core .”

SOURCE: Chinese Academy of Science’s latest publishing in their journal, Nature , click here.