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Nuclear Fusion Milestone In UK: Ironically, Can Now Make Tea

FACTS: The UK based Joint European Torus (JET) Laboratory recently broke the world record for the largest output of Nuclear Fusion energy. The experiment produced a whopping 59 mega joules of energy, more than double of the yield that was produced in the 1997 experiment. To give you a better understanding of how significant this milestone is, that amount of energy is enough to…wait for it…heat up 60 kettles of water at one time…for 5 seconds.

QUOTES:   Head of Operations at JET reaction labs, Dr. Joe Milnes, “The Jet experiments put us a step closer to fusion power. We’ve demonstrated that we can create a mini star inside of our machine and hold it there for five seconds and get high performance, which really takes us into a new realm.”

SOURCE: Read more at the UK Atomic Energy Authority, click here.