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Napping and Alzheimer’s: We Have No Idea What’s Going On

FACTS: We no longer know if daytime napping is good for you. Alzheimer’s disease starts to develop and Dementia beings to occur when there is an accumulation of the proteins, bamyloid beta and tau, in our brains. When this happens, we see an increase in the duration and frequency in daytime napping. Vice versa, we see those who nap more and more frequently see a decline in cognitive function.

QUOTES:   Co-author of Study, Aron Buchman, MD, a neurologist at Rush University Medical Center, “This is an observational study, so we can’t say that ‘a causes b’ but we can say that they unfold at the same time, and it’s possible that the same pathologies may contribute to both.”

SOURCE: Read more at Alzheimer’s Association, click here.