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The 3 Best Language Learning Apps You’ll Ever Need To Get You To Full Fluency And Speak Like A Native

FACTS: These apps are good for beginners and advanced learners. Perfect for those who want the immersion method and input based learning. They will improve your foreign language studies and connect you with others that are trying to learn as well.

1. HelloTalk: Think of Facebook but instead of having your high school friends posting wedding photos and family members over sharing, you’ll be interacting with native speakers in countries of your target language. For example, if you’re native tongue is English and you want to learn Spanish, HelloTalk will set you up with those in Spain who are also learning to speak English. You’ll be helping them learn English and they’ll be teaching you Spanish, in the native way.

2. LingQ : National Geographic, theme songs of your favorite anime, or audio books, this app allows you to interact with each word or sentence and translate it for you. It also lets you decide which words to place in a flashcard deck for a vocabulary lesson at anytime. Perfect for input learning method.

3. WhatsApp: Ideal if you’ve advanced beyond the beginner stage. WhatsApp is a fast and simple way to connect with people and ,although there’s no built in translator, its free to use. Immersion method here.