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Liquid Size Restrictions To Be Lifted At Airports Thanks To New Scanning Technology

FACTS: New scanning technology is now giving airport security teams a more convenient way of searching for threatening liquids and electronics. Computed Tomography Scans, commonly known as CT Scans, aren’t anything new, really. You know them from hospitals and outpatient centers. Shannon Airport, in west Ireland, equipped its security team with the tech back in late 2021 and is now being adopted by many other airports. Some benefits so far, we’ll be able to keep our liquids and electronics in our bags, security will be better and we’ll have shorter lines. Some downsides, cost is currently through the roof and the staff shortage is currently very real. For the rest of the world, it’ll be a slow, gradual rollout. Be patient.

QUOTES: Kevin Riordan, head of checkpoint solutions at Smiths Detection,”From a security point of view, they’re able to make very accurate decisions about what the materials are in your bag: Is it a likely threat material or is it benign. That’s better security, better decisions.”