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Smart Socks Are Helping Those With Dementia And Non-Verbal Autism, Brixton PhD Student Invention

FACTS: Care givers of those with dementia and non-verbal autism are now using ‘smart socks’ to track their patients vitals. Dr Zeke Steer, PhD Student at University of Brixton, founded the new washable sock technology by trying to help those like his grandmother with a condition that affected communication. Dr. Steer also developed the Milbotix app which collects the data from the cotton footwear in Bristol Robotics Laboratory. The socks are currently being test with people living with mid to late-stage dementia before they go on sale next year.

QUOTES:   Fran Ashby, Garden House care home manager, “We were really impressed at the potential of his assisted technology to predict impending agitation and help alert staff to intervene before it can escalate into distressed behaviors….Smart socks can help enable people living with dementia to retain their dignity and have better quality outcomes for their day-to-day life.”