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Nerd Cells Get Bullied In First Stage Of Alzheimer’s Disease

FACTS: We all have nerd cells according to researchers at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo. Continuous attractor network (CAN) theory has been a work in progress for decades amongst scientists and the most recent breakthrough has been made by the Oslo staff. They discovered a “nerd center”, a once theorized hidden layer of nerve cells in the brain which has been dovetailed with the study of Alzheimer’s disease. In the first stage, the nerd center is the first to get bullied.

QUOTES: Charlotte Boccara, a scientist at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, We are the first to clearly establish that the human brain actually contains such ‘nerd cells’ or ‘super-calculators’ put forward by the CAN theory. We found nerve cells that code for speed, position and direction all at once… Our findings are important because these cells tell us where we are moving. If they stop working, one gets lost”.

SOURCE: More at Nature Communications click here.