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Autistic Children Cut Food Aversion With Sensory Cooking

FACTS: Katie Murwin, Founder and CEO of Sensory Cooking, is helping children with autism gain more independence through her cooking classes. Her Phoenix-based, non-profit company also works on food aversion for children on the spectrum. Children struggling with autism are five times more likely to develop sensory processing issues. Murwin focuses on helping the children break through the taste, temperature, color, smell, and texture of food, which are all trigger factors.

QUOTES:  Maria Rodriguez, Mother of Jojo, a student at Cooking Sensory, “We were constantly eating hot dogs and pizza and hamburgers and it just wasn’t healthy. He’s more confident and that has been amazing to see. He will talk to people that we met on the street and he’ll be like, ’Oh, I love to cook. Oh, my favorite food is, you know, beef and broccoli. It’s cannolis, its egg fried rice’…it’s just opened so many doors.”

SOURCE: More on the study from AutismSpeaks, click here.