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Breakthrough Study: Photo-Oxidation Converting Methane to Liquid Fuel

FACTS: We are now able to extract liquid methanol from greenhouse gases thanks to some Ph.D students in the Physics Department of the Federal University of São Carlos . They were able to use a process called Photo-Oxidation which involves high intensities of light and scattered transition metals such as copper. According to the study published in the journal Chemical Communications, this was the best method found to convert methane to liquid fuel.

QUOTES:  Marcos da Silva, Ph.D & first author of the article, “There’s a great debate in the scientific community about the size of the planet’s methane reserves. According to some estimates, they may have double the energy potential of all other fossil fuels combined. In the transition to renewables, we’ll have to tap into all this methane at some point,”.

SOURCE: Royal Society of Chemistry (Click Here) & (Click Here)