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We Can’t Catch A Break – Monkey Pox

FACTS: Corona Virus, Inflation, crippling supply chain constraints, world war 3, and, now, monkey pox. You can’t catch a break. Nonetheless, we’re here to help. Here’s what you need to know about the new virus going around.

First and foremost, it goes away on its own. If contracted, you’ll get flu-like symptoms along with a hideous rash. Although it can be fatal, after two weeks, it’ll clear up out of your system.
The University of Oxford and Harvard Medical School research data revealed that 62 cases have been confirmed as of two days ago and since then that number has climbed to 80. The largest documented amount of cases since 2017 where there were 61 confirmed and over 100 speculated.

Monkey pox was first discovered in 1958 and they reported the first human case in 1970, where it mainly resides in Central and West Africa.

There currently isn’t a cure, but anyone with a smallpox vaccine is 85% less likely to contract the virus. It’s transferred through close contact with someone who is infected.

QUOTES: Susan Hopkins, chief medical advisor at the UK Health Security Agency, “These latest cases, together with reports of cases in countries across Europe, confirm our initial concerns that there could be spread of monkeypox within our communities,”

SOURCE: Don’t follow this link or you’ll catch it, click here.