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“Time To Get Back To Our Human Roots”: University Of Mental Health Talks Effects Of Social Media

FACTS: With pandemic lockdowns mostly over, researchers in Bochum, Germany, say it’s time to run more and scroll less. The University of Bochum recently published the results of an experiment in which 600 participants were divided into four groups and assigned various social media to physical activity ratioed lifestyles. Some groups performed more physical activity, while others simply indulged in less social media. The study concluded that the group that spent 30 minutes less a day on social media than the group that spent 30 minutes more a day on social media experienced significantly less anxiety, depression, and cigarette consumption.

QUOTES: Julia Brailovskai, Assistant Professor At Ruhr-Universität Bochum’s Mental Health Research and Treatment Center, “This shows us how vital it is to reduce our availability online from time to time and to go back to our human roots…These measures can be easily implemented into one’s everyday life and they’re completely free – and, at the same time, they help us to stay happy and healthy in the digital age.”

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