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Nuclear Fusion Startup Company Claims It’s Close to Providing Unlimited Energy


Australian fusion startup called HB11, a spin-off from the University of New South Wales, claims to have a way to revolutionize nuclear fusion technology, laying the groundwork for an era of power generation — without the risk of a nuclear meltdown. Fusion energy harnesses energy released from when atomic nuclei fuse together, as opposed to fission, which splits nuclei apart to generate electricity. HB11 claims they have found a new way that does away with the current fusion energy approach that requires inordinately high temperatures and pressure levels to work. The approach relies on hydrogen and a boron B-11 isotope as well as a specialized set of lasers to force the required reaction.


Warren McKenzie, a director at HB11:

“We are sidestepping all of the scientific challenges that have held fusion energy back for more than half a century,” … “You could say we’re using the hydrogen as a dart, and hoping to hit a boron, and if we hit one, we can start a fusion reaction. That’s the essence of it.” … “Creating fusion using temperature is essentially randomly moving atoms around, and hoping they’ll hit one another, our approach is much more precise,”


To read the press release from the University of New South Wales, click here.