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MIT Scientists Create AI to Decide What to do if Asteroid is on a Crash Course for Earth


A team of scientists at MIT created a computer to help assist with asteroids that pose deadly threats to earth. It simulates a range of scenarios based on the asteroids proximity to Earth with the purpose of preventing the asteroids from entering a gravitational keyhole. It will calculate the mass, momentum, trajectory, and time before projected impact. It will then alert decision makers and provide options to help prevent or subvert human casualties.


Sung Wook Peak of MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics:

“People have mostly considered strategies of last-minute deflection, when the asteroid has already passed through a keyhole and is heading toward a collision with Earth. I’m interested in preventing keyhole passage well before Earth impact, It’s like a preemptive strike, with less mess.”


To read the source article from MIT, click here.