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Noninvasive, Harmless Cancer Killing Technology goes to FDA trial


A system uses a laser to both identify, and destroy, cancer cells in the blood in 27 out of the 28 people tested and with a sensitivity that is about 1,000 times better than what is currently available.

The system can scan up to 1 liter of blood per hour, and kill the cancerous cells in real time, all while keeping the blood in they body.

Basically, the technology uses a laser to identify the abnormal cells, quickly heat those cells to a point where thermal expansion causes vapor bubbles to form on those cells, which then collapse.

The FDA has just approved this device be allowed to proceed to a clinical trial.


Vladimir Zharov, director of the nanomedicine center at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and lead researcher says:

“This technology has the potential to significantly inhibit metastasis progression,”

“In one patient, we destroyed 96 percent of the tumor cells”


For the full breakdown in the Science Translational Medicine Journal, click here.