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A New, Fifth State Of Matter?

FACTS: We have solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and now…information? University of Portsmouth is on the verge of proving what they are calling the fifth element and soon we’ll be making new chemistry worksheets and phase diagrams for kids. DNA to cells is what information is to mass and elementary particles. Leptons, quarks, and gauge bosons, elementary particles, exist as the smallest known building blocks of the universe and are what make up protons and neutrons. They have been also thought of as the indescribable dark matter. If information is proven to not be just zero-dimensional points, it would be a serious game changer.

QUOTES: Dr. Melvin Vopson, a physicist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth, England, “This would be a eureka moment because it would change physics as we know it and expand our understanding of the universe. But it wouldn’t conflict with any of the existing laws of physics. If we assume that information is physical and has mass, and that elementary particles have a DNA of information about themselves, how can we prove it? My latest paper is about putting these theories to the test so they can be taken seriously by the scientific community.

SOURCE: More on the study at AIP Advances click here.