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Unbelievable Video Shows How Much of the World Burned in 2019


To say that wildfires around the world were out of control last year would be an understatement. From the beginning of 2019 to the end of November, CAMS estimates that 6,375 megatons of CO2 has been pushed into the atmosphere by wildfires across the globe. 

Using data collected by satellites and sensors from the Copernicus programme in Europe, you can see when and how much of the Earth was burned in this video:


CAMS senior scientist Mark Parrington:

“It has been an extremely busy year for CAMS regarding the monitoring of wildfires,” … “Even in places where we would expect to see fires at certain points of the year some of the activity has been surprising.” … “Although fire activity overall has been fairly average in the global sense for 2019, compared to previous years, there have been several instances of unusual intense activity in certain regions, including places with regular fire seasons, which has been devastating,”


The source and data for this article and video are from the Copernicus organization’s website here.