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Google’s AI Now Diagnosing Breast Cancer Better Than Experts


Last year, there were more than 2 million breast cancer diagnoses. Interpreting scans by doctors can sometimes be erroneous or lead to false negatives. Google Health researchers have developed and trained an AI review scans with better accuracy than experts, and in much less time. Most mammograms are reviewed by two radiologists, an expensive and time consuming process. The Google AI can reduce the time required by up to 88%. While the program doesn’t aim to completely replace the doctors diagnoses, it does hope to act as the ‘second opinion’ to ensure accuracy.


Dominic King, UK lead at Google Health:

“We think about this technology in a way that supports and enables an expert, or a patient ultimately, to get the best outcome from whatever diagnostics they’ve had.” … “Find me a country where you can find a nurse or doctor that isn’t busy,” … “There’s the opportunity for this technology to support the existing excellent service of the (human) reviewers.”


To read the source for this article in the scientific journal ‘Nature’, click here.