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Striking Discovery: The 3D Imaging of Lightning

FACTS: We can now animate lightning activity in the third dimension thanks to the use of the Low-Frequency Array Radio ( LOFAR ) telescope. The LOFAR telescope is composed of 20,000 small radio antennas and is spread out across eight European countries, mainly located in the Netherlands.  Modeling lightning activity isn’t new but it was always in the second dimension and the resolution quality was that of UFO and Locness monster imagery. A soon-to-be released paper in the journal of Geophysical Research Letters will delineate in detail the new observations of ice crystals and their behavior inside storm clouds. The findings are considered to be the first step to exposing how lightning is produced, propagated, and projected onto land.

QUOTES:   Study co-author Brian Hare, lightning researcher at the University of Groningen, Netherlands, “It’s kind of embarrassing. It’s the most energetic process on the planet, we have religions centered around this thing, and we have no idea how it works”

SOURCE: Read more at ESSOR, click here.