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FDA Approves First Ever Drug for Peanut Allergy for Children


Approximately 1 million children in the US suffer with peanut allergies. For those affected children, exposure to peanuts can result in symptoms such as runny nose, stomach cramping, indigestion, hives, swelling, fainting, and anaphylaxis. Now, the FDA has a newly approved drug (Palforzia) to treat affected children four years old and up. Those with allergies will still be encouraged to avoid any exposure to peanuts, as the drug will be an added preventative measure to help children in the case of accidental contact. The drug is derived from a peanut protein and comes in powder form, which is then mixed in with the child’s food such as yogurt or applesauce.


Peter Marks, the director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research:

“When used in conjunction with peanut avoidance, Palforzia provides an FDA-approved treatment option to help reduce the risk of these allergic reactions in children with peanut allergy.”


To view the FDA’s press release regarding this new drug, click here.