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Does Working From Home Affect Productivity? Apparently Not. New Study From Texas A&M Ergonomics Center

FACTS: What is Ergonomics? It is the study of peoples’ efficiency in the work environment. A main focus when it comes to studying remote work analytics.

Texas A&M researchers have released data of their two year ergonomics study of 15,000 remote workers at an undisclosed Fortune 500 company during Hurricane Harvey in 2017. During the two year study, computer data of remote workers were monitored before, during, and after the storm. They noticed that while computer usage was down, productivity stayed the same.

QUOTES: Mark Benden, Director of the Texas A&M Ergonomics Center, “Almost all of the study’s employees were right back up to the same level of output as they were doing before Hurricane Harvey. This is a huge message right now for employers because we’re having national debates about whether or not employees should be able to work remotely or in a hybrid schedule.”

SOURCE: Case study was published in OIS Press click here