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Anti-Age, New-Age Medicine

FACTS: I have absolutely no idea what this guy is doing in this photo, but I know what the medical researchers are doing at the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom. They are trying to make us feel young again. And look-it too.

Janet Lord, researcher at the aforementioned University, has been directing her focus on white blood cells, neutrophils. Apparently, this type of cell in the immune system goes out for a pack of smokes and never comes back after a certain age. The solution, cholesterol medication…fish oil, perchance.

If you’re still reading this, then the real medication is called statin. A drug commonly prescribed to fight high cholesterol and is found to block enzymes in the immune system that return neutrophils (white blood cells, if you forgot) back to a “younger state”.

In November 2017, Lord and her colleagues ran a small clinical trial of statin in people aged around 69 years old who were hospitalized with pneumonia. They gave half of the patients simvastatin for about a week. The results, the white blood cells in the bodies of the guinea pigs in the study “acted younger” and were shown to be more resilient when fighting infections. 20% of the party who didn’t take any statin died in a matter of weeks while only 6% of the people who did take it passed away.Yikes.

They published the case study in the National Library of Medicine and their focus was essentially about having younger immune systems to fight COVID-19. They want to be more prepared for the next pandemic. Don’t we all.

QUOTES: Joan Mannick, cofounder and CEO of Tornado Therapeutics, “I think of it like retuning a car,” she says. “You have to sort of retune your mTOR to a young level to allow cellular function to come back to normal.”

SOURCE: Think I’m lying? Follow link click here