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A Small Town in Mexico Unveils the First 3D-Printed Village of Affordable Homes


In Tabasco, Mexico, a groundbreaking development has made dreams come true for families living in poverty. 500 square foot, 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom homes are being printed in about 24 hours each. They were designed and engineered to withstand earthquakes with safety standards that go beyond what is currently required, and are built to last generations. Families that are chosen to live in these homes are selected by those most in need, and each home is designed to match their unique needs. Families will begin moving in early next year.


Designer Yves Béhar of fuseproject, who worked alongside ICON and New Story for the prototype designs:

“As we spoke to the community members, we realized that a single house design doesn’t respond to the needs and expectations of everyone,” … “The goal, as we continue to scale and deliver more homes, is that the efficiencies rise as costs go down,”


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